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Margaret Harris, Silver Top Student

Dancing with MZ has enriched my life & given me immense joy.  Sas is such a professional who adapts our ST classes for any limitations we have whilst creating fun & enjoyable routines. Richard makes us laugh with his whacky moves & we all benefit from their joint efforts. Huge thanks!


Barbara  Lukazsewski, Silver Top Student

I joined the Silver Tops this year. Sas’ energy, enthusiasm and expertise is inspiring to us all.  My overall health has improved - my balance, memory and well being is markedly improved - I just love it!!

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Jo Middleton, Parent

Thanks to Sas and Movement Zone for putting the statement of inclusivity into action at every dance class, creating opportunities for everyone (irrespective of ability or need) to dance and to be part of a great supportive community. Thanks for all you do. 

Jo Middleton (Ned's mum)


Melissa Clark, Parent

Sas and the crew at MZ have been giving 110% to their students and the community for years now. And we all love it! Big fat Thank You


Hannah Haliday, Contemporary Fusion (Jnr)

"I really like contemporary fusion class. The teachers are always fun and make the class enjoyable."


Sam Upton, Soul Funker

Moving from Melbourne to Central Vic I was keen to find a dance class for adults.  I loved dancing when I was younger and being in my 40’s, I’m now way too old to hit the clubs.  When I found Movement Zone and their Adult Soul Funk class I was very excited to check it out. 

Sas (dance teacher and owner of MZ) suggested I come and check out the class to see if I liked it –  about 15mins into watching these fun routines I was up dancing with the rest of the class.  Sas is such a warm, welcoming and funny teacher.  Our entire class looks forward to our dance nights, not just to move our bodies and learn awesome routines but also for the friendship and laughs we have throughout the class. 

Thanks to Sas not only do I have dance back in my life, but I have also made some amazing friends.  

I would recommend MZ to anyone of any age!


Sarah Frazer, Parent 
'Mini Feet' twins 

Our kids love MZ's MiniFeet class.  Sas is an inclusive and motivating teacher, and really great at encouraging beginners on their dancing journey.

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Adrienne Liebmann, Silver Top Student

We have so much fun, fun, and more fun. We laugh, we dance,  occasionally cry and get a big hug. It’a a great atmosphere with a delightful funny teacher and fabulous dancers. As a person with Parkinsons it has helped me to improve my balance and my quality of life.

Keep going – keep dancing!

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